Analysis and Resonse to Misquoting Jesus


"The Gospel According to Bart" by Daniel B. Wallace, Th.M, Ph.D.

"Is the New Testament Text Reliable?" by Greg Koukl

"Has the Text of the Bible Been Accurately Preserved?" by Charlie Campbell

"A Note on the Accuracy of the New Testament Text" by Dr. Norman Geisler

Responses to Bart Ehrman's other book Jesus Interrupted


"A Response to Misquoting Jesus" by Lee Strobel (5:35 minutes)

"A Response to Bart Ehrman" by Michael Licona


Misquoting Truth by Timothy Paul Jones

MISQUOTING TRUTH: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus (Book)
by Timothy Paul Jones

Bible critic, Bart Ehrman, has leveled some serious charges against the Bible in his best-selling book, Misquoting Jesus. His book has got many people wondering...

  • Were the New Testament documents widely distorted by copyists?
  • Can we in fact have no idea what was in the originals?
  • Do we have no hope of knowing what eyewitnesses said and thought?
  • Are other documents that were left out of the New Testament better sources for understanding early Christianity?

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones sets the record straight in this courteous but direct critique of Bart Ehrman's claims. Endorsedorsed by Craig Blomberg, Gary Habermas, D. James Kennedy and many others. Paperback from IVP Books, 176 pages. Click here to purchase.

HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE by Neil Lightfoot

HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE (Revised and Expanded Third Edition) (Book)
by Neil R. Lightfoot

Over one million copies in print. This revised and expanded third edition answers questions such as:

  • How olde are the earliest Biblical manuscripts?
  • How did early Christians decide which writings to include in the Bible?
  • Why do we have so many different translations of the Bible?
  • How has the Bible been preserved and transmitted to us?

How We Got the Bible provides well-researched, accessible answers to many questions like these. Learn about the first materials used to write down the words of Scripture. Uncover the facts of some of history's most fascinating archaeological discoveries, including those of the Sinaitic Manuscript, the Oxrhynchus Papyri, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Travel through history, from Jerome to Tyndale and beyond, as Neil R. Lightfoot discusses the origin, transmission, and translation of the Bible.

Illustrations and review questions at the end of each chapter make this book ideal for either individual or group study. Concise and engaging, How We Got the Bible is a useful resource for anyone who wants to know the story behind the most widely read book of all time. Hardcover, 224 pages. Click here to purchase.

THE NEW TESTAMENT DOCUMENTS: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce

by F. F. Bruce

In this modern classic in the field of New Testament studies, F.F. Bruce, one of Christianity's most respected scholars, makes a clear case for the historical trustworthiness of the Christian Scriptures. Are the New Testament documents reliable? Drawing on evidence from the documents themselves, as well as from sources outside the New Testament, Bruce demonstrates that they are. In concise, clearly written chapters, Bruce explores the canon and dating of the New Testament, the nature of the Gospels, the life and writings of Paul, and archaeological and literary sources of the New Testament period. The result is an expert, convincing and thoroughly engaging affirmation of the New Testament. Click here to purchase.